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About Dr.Nikhil Mehta

Dr. Nikhil Mehta has completed his MBBS in 1991 from Pravara Medical College, Loni. Fortunately while doing his internship one of his friends, Vaidya Atulchandra Thombre suggested him to join Yoga - Ayurveda Introduction Course at Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapith, Pune. The age old wisdom of Ayurveda, made a deep impact on his mind and he seriously started learning and experiencing Ayurveda from different Vaidyas from Pune till 1996, when he got the chance to learn with a very senior Panchakarma master from Dhule, Vaidya P.T. Joshi. He stayed at Dhule for almost six months and learned this Art of Healing.

In 1998 he started his own private practice where he treated his patients using the basic principles of Ayurveda about food and lifestyle and very minimal medicines. Slowly he realized that most of his patients have lot of ignorance about the basic laws of Ayurveda which helps us to remain healthy.

He has started small workshops of 10-12 hrs in which he explains about food, the lifestyle, daily routine, seasonal routine, household remedies, mental health and so many other things. The ultimate aim is to increase the sensitivity and awareness about one’s own health problems; our body knows what is to be done to correct the imbalance in health; if one can learn that art, one can take care of most of his routine health ailments. Rather one can take care of oneself better than anyone else. So the ultimate aim is to make Society as independent as possible in understanding health problems. Wisdom of Ayurveda is the answer in tackling these problems successfully. Any common man can learn this art which can be verified experimentally; he can also master this art.

At present along with his private practice, he is devoting his time in spreading the wisdom of Ayurveda.

Dr Nikhil Mehta Pune.
Dr.Nikhil Mehta