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Ayurveda For Corporate World

Today we invest so much of time, money & energy for the wellbeing of ourselves & our near & dear one's. For that we are so much dependent on external systems such as Doctors, Hospitals, Labs, Medicines etc. Is it possible that we enhance our wisdom about health & enjoy health independence to certain degrees. The key is our old age wisdom Ayurveda

🌷 Benefits to an organisation will get out of it? 🌷

• Organisation is giving this unique opportunity to the Employees to be master of their own health, a lifetime lesson.

• Healthy, motivated employees will increase productivity.

• As course is of common interest, employees interaction will increase, it gives boost to Team building.

•It will help to create Positive atmosphere in organisation •The employees will extent this wisdom to their family members achieving overall positive family health

🍀 3 Hrs Session Contents 🍀

•Basic Principles Five element theory and Tridosha ( Kapha, Pitta & Vata)

•Three pillars of health --- Food, Rest & Life of Morality

•Mental Health—Importance of Meditation

🍀 2 Day Course (12 Hrs) 🍀

Day1 Contents:

•Introduction to Ayurveda

•Basic Principles Five elements theory & Tridosha ( Kapha, Pitta , Vata)

•Concept of Constitution.

•Shadrasa — Six taste theory

•Aahara—The food science & digestive fire

•Food types – Cereals, Pulses

Day2 Contents:

•Food types – Dairy Products & ghee, Oils, Fruits & vegetables etc.

•Organic food •Dincharya – Daily routine & rest

•Principles of exercise. •Rutucharya—Seasonal Routine

•Introduction to Panchakarma Treatments

•Household herbal remedies

•Mental health – Importance of meditation