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Food Consultancy

A thought came in my mind about the different functions and the food we provide to our guests. Actually our intention is to provide a delicious and healthy food to them. So they can relish the food & at the same time should get a health from it. And on top of that should not suffer any discomfort after that.

But today we have moved far away from this purpose. Giving hundreds of items from all part of the world is something we offer as a best to them. How can nature will accept this? So many combinations, so many things which may not suit to the region we live, and the season we are in. Ultimately leading to discomforts and only discomforts to our guests.

Why we should be so unnatural, why should not we use our wisdom, why should not we listen to Mother Nature? So an idea came that we can offer a delicious and simultaneously healthy food to our beloved guests. Pl note healthy does not mean eating raw vegetables & salads or boiled vegetables. A delicious food is a delicious food as we offer today in all the functions.

But now we will use the age old wisdom of Ayurveda and also the knowledge of today’s science. So before deciding the menu we will consider the prevailing season whether it is a winter, summer or rains, the time of the day means lunch or dinner, the venue whether it is in north east India, north west India , south India, whether it is Pune, Mumbai or Nagpur etc.

We can also give attention on which oil we should use for cooking, which type of grains, pulses, vegetables, fruits etc. Further we can avoid some wrong combinations of food such as giving milk & fruits together. Which sweets to be given & how best they can be prepared. We can also offer something made out of organic food.

Depending upon the urge of the customer we can go still further. How to keep the freshness of any particular dish. We think that health means fresh food. So how can we keep the freshness of food? And for that instead of giving hundreds of tasteless items why should not keep less no of items but with an explicit quality. When you keep a food item in a hot plate to keep it warm, this continuous heating reduces its taste.

Or instead of giving so many items give limited no of items and use much more man power to make the things fresh. Divert your funds in this direction. We can also act upon the angle of environment. We can make our functions more environment friendly. We can think upon the unnecessary wastage of plastic and thermocal etc. And can also plan in advance what to do about the remaining food?

So come make our functions healthier, delicious and environment friendly. We will think together to make this happen. Let us change the food culture.

Let me know your views on this idea.

Warm wishes,
Dr Nikhil Mehta