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Food Items

Oils ( Merit Natural brand)

Groundnut filtered

jeevaka ayurveda product ground nut oil

From premium quality groundnuts, unrefined (that means devoid of chemical processes and external heating at very high temp), filtered & pure oil.

This preserves the natural taste, fragrance, colour, oiliness, Vitamins A, D E, K and natural anti-oxidants.This oil lacks in dangerous Trans fats and are cholesterol free.Available in one litre, five litres and 15 litres Pack.

1 Liter - Rs : 130
5 Liters - Rs : 650
15 Liters - Rs : 1800

Groundnut cold pressed

jeevaka ayurveda product cold pressed ground nut oil

Moving a step ahead of filtered oils process of making the cold pressed oils lacks application of giving steam. So these oils along with unrefined (that means devoid of chemical processes and external heating at very high temp) lacks in giving any external heat. Naturally their temp does not go above 50 degree Celsius.

This preserves the natural taste, fragrance, colour, oiliness, Vitamins such as A, D, E, K and natural anti-oxidants much more than filtered oil. In short goes much closer to the traditional wooden churner oils.These oil lacks dangerous Tran’s fats and are cholesterol free.

1 Liter - Rs : 160
5 Liters - Rs : 750

Sesame cold pressed

jeevaka ayurveda product sesame  cold pressed

Available in half litre and one litre bottles. According to Ayurveda the best cooking oil amongst all the oils and the best medicine of Vata issues such as arthritis, body ache, dandruff, dry skin, gases, constipation etc.The word Tail has come from Til (Sesame seed)Best oil for massage and for the health of bones, teeth & hairs

According to modern science has the best combination of saturated fats, Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated fats.Very high in Vitamin E (one of the best anti-oxidant)High smoke point, can be used for frying repeatedly High shelve life

Regular use of sesame oil lowers the blood pressure, reduces triglycerides to great extent. (Google Hypertension & sesame oil)

1 Liter - Rs : 300
1/2 Liters - Rs : 150

Coconut cold pressed

jeevaka ayurveda product cold pressed coconut  oil

High in omega 3

-Cooling in nature, good for those having heat/ Pitta in the body.

-Good for body massage & head massage.

-Can use for frying repeatedly.

1/2 Liter - Rs : 120


hand pounded Ambemohor variety

jeevaka ayurveda product Hand pounded Ambemohor rice

Rice is the best cereal according to Ayurveda. It is sweet, cooling, sticky & light (As compared to wheat) Rice has 76-77% of carbohydrates, 8 % of proteins (with high quality amino acids), 1% fats, B group Vitamins including Vit B12 and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium. If we polish the rice we lose these proteins, fats, Vitamins and minerals. So we should use brown or less polished rice such as this hand pounded rice.

The bran which is taken out after the polishing is used to make rice bran oil and we buy it as a good oil. Instead if we use less polished rice we are getting the bran oil free. Modern science says that such less polished rice gives so many micro nutrients such as Vitamins, minerals, enzymes that no other grain can give so much. And such rice is also good for the Diabetic patients as it has high fibre content so its glycaemic index is low.

Lastly rice is not fattening. See the rice eaters around the world they generally are lean.

1 Kg. - Rs : 80

Organic Jaggery

jeevaka ayurveda product organic jaggery

Devoid of chemical processes, devoid of sulfer. Looks brownish, tastes sweeter.Rich in vitamins and minerals such as Iron, calcium, phosphorus Jaggery treated with chemicals such as sulfer looks yellowish, less sweet in taste, has little saltiness, loses vitamins and minerals According to Ayurveda one should use 8, 10, 12 months old Jaggery. New Jaggery is sticky in nature and causes kapha problems.

1 Kg. - Rs : 70

Saindhav ( Rock salt)

jeevaka ayurveda product saindhav

According to Ayurveda it is best amongst all salts, it is less salty, more tasty and good for eyes.

No chemical processing, no bleaching agents, no preservatives, anticaking agents (to make it free flow). It is naturally free flow.So preserves the minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, copper and has iodine naturally Good for hypertensive patients.

1 Kg - Rs : 70

Black Dantmanjan

jeevaka ayurveda product Dantmanjan

Natural tooth powder made from cow dung ash and Ayurvedic medicines. The principle is a mechanical cleaning of the teeth instead of chemical. Experience the magic! Age-old desi formula.

40 gms. - Rs : 20

Raw unprocessed natural honey

 jeevaka ayurveda product  Raw unprocessed natural honey

According to Ayurveda one should use raw honey, honey taken out from honeycomb and filtered. Honey should not be heated or should not be mixed with very hot things, it turns into toxin. Honey is the best medicine of kapha (mucus)problems. Now a day’s most of the honey we get is heated up to 200 degree Celsius to take out the toxins from the honey. Such honey should not be used. It also loses the natural taste, sweetness of the honey. Honey with us is a raw honey with the delicious taste of it and it has been taken out without destroying the honeycomb. Honey has different sugars (77-78%), very minimal amount of proteins, fats, vitamins & minerals and 20 % water. As water content is so less life of honey is too long.

250 gms. - Rs : 170
500 gms. - Rs : 330
NOTE:Please notes the rates of above products are keeps on fluctuating.